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St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island is sometimes described as a little piece of paradise. Scarcely known outside Georgia, it is quite possibly the best kept secret along the coastal Southeast. The island's majestic entrance over miles of unspoiled marshland was memorialized by Sidney Lanier in his poem The Marshes of Glynn. It's a place where an unpretentious low country meets the great ocean ... where huge tidal changes breathe life into the grassy expanse flourishing in wildlife. Somewhere in between, you will discover the magic of St. Simons Island. Upon arrival, visitors are enveloped by a feeling of calm amidst ancient moss-draped oaks standing alongside glorious palms and tall southern pines. Many miles of bike paths connect a variety of shopping, eating, cultural and recreational areas within the island. There's always something fun and interesting to do. The beach at St. Simons Island is like no other. As the 7-foot tide shifts from high to low, it pulls the shoreline 1/2 mile out to sea uncovering a breathtaking system of sandbars and shoals. Development is largely unseen along the north end of the beach where an abundant shrub forest has been protected and allowed to expand naturally. Acres of young dune fields nurture sensitive Sea Oats while thousands of shore birds migrate from one sand bar to the next with the receding tide. The owners and guests of Coast Cottages at St. Simons cherish their unrestricted view and enjoyment of this ecological wonderland.

Early risers get treated to gorgeous sunrises like this along the St. Simons Island shorline.

You might even meet some of the locals on your morning beach walk!

There are still places along our beach where you can put in a line right off shore. We also have a place to launch your light weight sailing craft along our widest beach.

These gulls were photographed at Gould's Inlet on St. Simons Island, a featured stop along the Georgia Birding Trail.

St. Simons shoreline has many acres of unspoiled dunes

The St. Simons Lighthouse and museum overlooks our Pier Village area and is a popular stop for visitors. Climb to the top!

Drop a line or a crab trap off the St. Simons Pier. A great place for people watching, or to take in a beautiful sunset.

The Pier Village area is filled with quaint shops and great restaurants.

Take a stroll in the Pier Village ... get an ice cream cone, walk the pier, visit the shops, have lunch, listen to live music, more!

Shrimping is an important industry in our area where locals harvest delicious Wild Georgia Shrimp available at nearby markets and restaurants.

The Golden Isles are so-named because of our enormous marshlands where shrimp and other important species spawn

View of "The Marshes of Glynn" as viewed from nearby Sidney Lanier Bridge, named after the poet who penned the epic poem.

Neptune Park features ancient oaks over an ocean side picnic area

Play a little mini-golf along the ocean!

The Cassino at Neptune Park is a wonderful gathering place with an open pavilion, library and live theater. Some summer nights feature live music with folks gathering on the lawn ... bring your picnic basket and a bottle of wine!

If you've never seen the full moon rise over the beach, it's an amazing experience ... don't miss it!

St. Simons has one of the most magnificent sandbar systems on the eastern seaboard. It's constantly changing.

A visit to St. Simons Island will forever lift your spirits!

Our gallery would not be complete without a photo of the St. Simons Light at night.